My life has been full of experiences, good and not so good. I left my country in my early twenties with just a few pennies in my pocket. I wanted to see the World, this big World where there are so many cultures to learn from. I ended up in the South Pacific Islands where I learnt to live in close touch with nature and the people. I learnt that a materialistic life wasn’t necessary to be happy. Life could be sweet but tough at times, seeing poverty around me. I was an entrepreneur and with my husband, we gave people opportunities to have some food on the table.

After twelve years there, I left to come to Australia, a country full of contrasts and opportunities. I had to overcome a few challenges like the language. It’s been a long road of learning and, after twenty years, I am glad that I have overcome many obstacles.

Now I meet each of life’s challenges head on knowing that after all I’ve been through, I can handle any situations.

Over the years I have also embarked on a self development journey.

I remember when I first had my AHA moment. It was when I started my journey to be a Life/Law of Attraction coach. At that time, I had decided that I needed to expand my life, my spiritual path. I implemented everything I learnt about the law of attraction and the universal laws. I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended self development events, seminars, webinars, etc.

I had finally found my passion:  the Universe and its laws and everything related to the Quantum Physic were what I included into every day of my life. Then, I decided that I would pass on my knowledge to others, especially women.

My second AHA moment was when I became a certified Life/Law of Attraction coach and when I started assisting motivated women to create the life they love using the Law of Attraction.

Guiding them to see their big vision and assisting them accomplishing each step towards their destination is where I have most of my AHA moments now. Seeing them fulfilled after achieving each of their goals.

We all have a mission in life: we have to find it, live it and celebrate every AHA moment we encounter.