A little bit about Me

Hello Lovely Woman 🙂


I am here to teach you how to manifest your desires and dreams, to assist you to get clarity on what you really want and to show you how to manifest your desires in your life with the Law of Attraction.
I am here to assist you to release the struggle you have to accomplish your dreams and goals and to manifest the life you love.


I call myself the Manifestation and Law of Attraction Queen because I trust the Universe so much that it never fails to send me my desires.

My name is Claudine Dufroux and I live by the simple philosophy of  “Dream, Believe, Achieve & Receive”.


Because everything is possible. If you have dreams, transform them into goals, strongly believe in them, take inspired action using the universal energy – the Law of Attraction – and then receive them into your life with your grateful heart.

Of course, there is a process to follow and I’m here to help you to guide you with it.

My story:

I’ve lived in three countries, I’ve run 5 businesses and I have started my life again three times.

I worked in my own family run businesses for almost 20 years and 10 years ago, I suddenly realized that I felt trapped.

The sparkle I had before had faded, I was bored, I was fed up with my everyday routine, I was frustrated of not knowing what I wanted, and I felt stuck. It was a horrible feeling.

Even though I successfully ran my businesses, it essentially felt like they owned me and my time.

I wanted more freedom, to do something new, to do my own thing and to manage my time the way I wanted. I yearned to have more time for myself and dreamed of travelling more.

My question was: “how can I achieve everything I truly desire and yearn for before I reach the point of burnout?”

So I did my research, searching internet to find what could help me to find my purpose. I talked to transformational leaders, read books on how to transform your life, I went to motivational and spiritual retreats.
I so much wanted to do something esle, to live something else.
The road wasn’t smooth but with the help of mentors and coaches, I slowly uncovered what made my heart sing.

I then decided to embark on a personal development journey and I discovered the Law of Attraction. I became passionate about it and I learn how to use it, learn everything in details and I became an expert at manifesting my desires.

I had become someone who wanted to help other women to get what they wanted in their lives.

It was time for me to leave the family business and “fly on my own”.

My emotions were all mixed up and I was unable to see clearly, your sessions helped me to change all of that, almost like a pair of glasses, re-establishing clear view on my life and my expectations.

Delphine Schneider, La Reunion Island

Claudine’s enthusiasm and joy of coaching made the coaching process a lot of fun and provided a safe environment for me to explore my inner self.

Christine Finn, Brisbane, AustraliaName Goes Here

Claudine encouraged me, guided me and showed me how to let go of any worries and fears to receive my desires.

Delphine Boidron, France

Now, I have created the life I desire, feeling like I am living my true purpose. Doing what I was dreaming of: helping women uncovering their true purpose and manifesting their dreams using the Law of Attraction. I contribute as well to charitable work like building affordable housing for people in Cambodia.

I am amazed when I look back at how frightened I was when I decided to go on a different path! I was lacking of self-confidence and I thought I might not be able to live the life I dreamed of. I am grateful now that I persisted and that I found the courage to get where I am now!

I am a certified women’s life coach and a Law of Attraction coach.

I use my personal coaching techniques and my energy and passion to specifically work with positive and motivated women who know they want something different but don’t know how to get it. 

We may not know exactly how we want to transform our lives, but we are often ready and raring to do so. 

This is where I use my experiences to help women  like YOU uncover their true purpose.

I can take YOU from wanting to doing, effortlessly and joyously. 

Achieving our desires should be positively challenging and energizing.