Law of Attraction

I am passionate about the Law of Attraction (LOA). I have been conscious about it for more than ten years now.
I learned about it when I started my personal development and from that time my life has completely changed.

What is the Law of Attraction (LOA)?

The LOA is one of the twelve Universal laws which are present in your life all the time.

The LOA is a very powerful law that contribute to attract anything into your life. It is always in motion and it always works, even though you don’t realise it.

You might have heard of the Law of Attraction and you might be conscious about it. You might have heard of it but you don’t really know what it is and how it works.

The LOA is not taught at school and people tend to be confused about it.  It is important to know about the LOA because it will give you clarity on why and how you attract what you attract into your life, positive or negative things.


Understand how the LOA works in conjunction with the Universe

First of all, there is the Universe.

What is the Universe?

The Universe is everything we can touch, feel, sense, measure or detect. It includes living things, planets, stars, galaxies, dust clouds, light, and even time.

The Universe is made up of atoms. It also includes:

>  The sun and the clouds during the day; the stars and the moon.

>  Nature,  wind, trees,  plants, flowers, rain, the air we breathe, the soil we walk on, the food we plant, grow and eat.

>  Buildings, houses.

>  Any items, things, households, planes, cars, boats, etc, etc.

>  Human beings and animals.


We are all part of the Universe, everything is part of it, it’s all matter, human beings and animals are matter too.

Everything I have described previously is called:   E.N.E.R.G.Y

Everything and everyone is energy.  The Universe is a huge magnetic energy field.

This energy vibrates at different level of frequencies which create this vast field of vibrations. The vibrations work at low and high frequencies everywhere even inside the human body.

The LOA is part of this huge energy field. It dances around us and interacts with the magnetic energy field of the Universe and the human body.

How can a human being attract anything with the LOA?

Once you know what is the Universe and the LOA, you have a better understanding on how it works.

Since we are matter and energy, the LOA around plays with us and we play with it.

Our brain and heart have an incredible powerful magnetic and electrical field.

We think approximately 60 to 70 thousands thoughts every single day.  We send messages out to the Universe via the magnetic and electrical field we possess and the LOA, which is always around.

The heart produces magnetic fields up to 5000 times stronger than those of the brain. It operates like the brain does, sending feelings and emotions out to the Universe.

We are therefore a powerful electrical and magnetic being creating energy fields around us.

We are like radio towers that can identify energy from the Universe. But most of the time we are not conscious of it.

Our exchange of energy is always going on between us, the environment around us and each individual in it, and we are not aware of it.

The LOA is always in action:


When we are conscious of this immense Universal field, we understand the importance of the nature of our thoughts, our feelings and emotions, our actions, our behaviour and the words we speak:  Positivity vs. negativity, love vs. hate, happiness vs. sadness, resentment vs. forgiveness etc.

Being like a radio tower, we can attract everything we want and we don’t want.

So don’t be surprised anymore to attract bad things into your life if you are always angry and negative. It’s what you send into your energy field around you. The Universe thinks it’s what you want and the LOA is its messenger. It sends the signal and the Universe delivers.

Be aware of everything you do, think, speak and feel as it is the foundation of what you get into your life. Remember the LOA is always in action for bad and good things. The more positive and loving you are the more of this you will receive.


Think again!


Love and Light

Claudine Dufroux