Vision Boards

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a powerful tool to manifest new things into your life.

You glue images and words that represent your wishes and goals on a poster board.  It is designed to inspire and motivate you to create your new reality.

A vision board is not only cutting pictures from magazines, and gluing them onto a board and then just walking away from it and hoping it comes true.  You really have to put in the work and take action.

Seeing this board each day aligns your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract. It helps you in focusing your thoughts on what you want next in your life – once done, it provides a visual reminder of your  commitment to the goal defined for yourself.

Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Katy Perry, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield all swear by Vision Boards!

 Jack Canfield says:

“Creating a Vision Board is one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. Our minds respond strongly to visual stimulation, so by representing your goals with pictures and images, you will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions”

The first time I made a vision board was around ten years ago. I had no idea what it was, but I was asked by my mentor-coach to made one.

The aim of it was to help me to get clear on what I wanted in the months and years to come.

I was a bit sceptical but I did the work, and to my surprise, when I looked at it a few years later, I had achieved some of my dreams and goals.

Now, I create a dream board approximately every year. I make sure that some of my goals that are on it have been accomplished before creating another one. And I don’t wait too long to make the new one to keep the ball rolling.

If I have new resolutions at the beginning of each year or each season, I make a little one on a A4 paper and I visualize myself achieving what fulfils me.

However, there is no particular time to make a vision board. It can be done at any time. When something needs to be changed in our lives, creating a vision board can be the answer to get clear on what we really want.

Why create a Vision Board?

Most of us have fleeting ideas of what we want to be, do or have in our lives.

But they remain just that: fleeting. After all, who has the time to intentionally get clear about what we want to create?

A Vision Board is a way to sell your own ideas to yourself, to anchor to your dreams and to allow the magic of manifestation to work  in your life. Finally!

As someone who has made my own Vision Boards (and manifested some amazing results!), I’ve learned It’s about first getting clear on your authentic life, letting go of what’s in the way – and then clearly connecting with your dreams while designing a vision that calls to you.

Online Vision Board workshop  –  Book now below –

Participating at a Vision Board workshop gives you the opportunities you won’t have if you did your Vision Board alone.

  • You are helped and guided to get the clarity you need,
  • You are assisted to set an inspired intention on your desires,
  • You are shown how to get on the path to manifesting and creating your new reality.
  • You are surrounded by like minded women.
  • You are supported.
  • You are having fun!

So if you are already feeling that it’s time to de-clutter your busy mind and clear the way, don’t wait another minute, you can register to any of the online workshops I organize round the year.

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Redesign your Life!

What other participants are saying:

“I recently had the opportunity to attend a great Vision Board Workshop hosted by Claudine Dufroux. The workshop was a real success thanks to Claudine who created a lovely space where we could find the inspiration and clarity of thoughts necessary to complete our vision boards. Claudine provided very valuable guidance and tools to complete our vision boards in a very safe and caring environment. I found the timing allocated for the various exercises worked well and the pre-workshop task very useful. I am looking forward to making my vision board a reality.”

Dominique – Brisbane –

“This workshop came along at a time where I was looking for some direction and needed to set some new intentions for myself. The way the workshop flows ensures you really take time to centre yourself and dig deep into what it is you actually want. Claudine is such a positive and encouraging facilitator. I felt comfortable to share my hopes and dreams in a fun and supportive environment. I also took home something I can look at everyday to help me keep on track. Thank you Claudine.”
Celine – Brisbane –

“Attending Claudine’s workshop was such an enjoyable and special way to transform my vague ideas and thinking into concrete goals and visions. At the end of the workshop, I had been guided to understand what it was I want to achieve at the moment and some of the ways I could take to get there. Claudine was a caring and experienced facilitator; she was committed to making sure all of us had a positive and productive experience. Thank you Claudine!”

Letitia – Brisbane –

“My day with Claudine was just what I needed. It really was like entering a gentle and safe cocoon. As women, we are so used to looking after everyone else and forgetting ourselves. A vision board day not only crystallized my own dreams, it was also an opportunity to explore deeply, replenish and get reacquainted with myself. I love Claudine’s passion, her knowledge around manifestation and her beautiful heart. The space has a beautiful energy that was very fitting for our day and I loved all the little touches that Claudine gave to further enrich our day. I left with my heart full and grateful and I am excited to see what wonderful manifestations drop into my reality first.”
Peggy – Brisbane –

“Thank you so much Claudine for your wisdom and guidance in helping me to create a powerful vision board that will get me closer to my goals and dreams.

You provided the clarity and focus I needed and I now feel so much more confident about achieving each and every one of my goals.
The workshop was a lovely way to take time out for me and to focus on myself in a very supportive, safe, peaceful space.

I am so grateful Claudine and I wish you all the best for future workshops.”

Christine -Brisbane-

“We had a lovely day working on our vision boards with Claudine!

Claudine guided the group to make sure we all stayed on track and had a fantastic board done at the end of the day. This workshop really helps you get clarity about your goals.
Thanks Claudine.”

Loraine -Brisbane-

“I was interested in completing a vision/mood (collage) board because my life is presently at a crossroads and I thought the investing my time in clarifying a personal vision of what I want out of my year ahead was an important step. I found the course helpful in focusing my thoughts on what I want next in my life – and the mood/vision board that I created during the session provides me with a daily visual reminder of my commitment to the goal defined for myself during the session.
I found the course was well run/facilitated, in a supportive manner, and was held in a comfortable, easily accessible and central location.”

Meredith -Brisbane-